What’s the Best Debt Consolidation Program in Delray Beach?

Finding the quickest way to resolve debt may seem like the best idea until you read the fine print.  There are many fraud consolidation companies in Delray Beach that sound like a dream come true until you sign the dotted lines. Debt consolidation programs are known to trick people with good intentions so they can make the best profit from them. The idea of combining all your debt and paying a monthly payment on this lump sum may seem helpful. However, you should allow the Law Offices of John. E. Mufson to do some research to make sure you don’t fall victim to a swindle. If you decide to go forward without any assistance, you may end up experiencing the following repercussions.

  • Many times, debt consolidation programs will require you to make a large first payment. This will most likely be sprung on the debtor and they will not have the money to pay. This results in even more debt.
  • Consolidation programs tack on fees to the debtor’s monthly payments. As the payments are being made, the fees that were charged are then taken out of the payments. This results in off payments to your creditors which, could put the debtor in even more debt.
  • Once a consolidation program gets the money they need/want, they are likely to “close” and leave the area. Once they leave, the debtor is confused and in even more debt by the creditor.

Instead of risking your financial standing even more than It already has been, consider working with a nonprofit agency or one of our bankruptcy attorneys at Mufson Law. These options are more credible and are guaranteed to put you in a better place than you were in at the beginning. We are here to help you overcome your debt, not cause more!

While not all consolidation programs are frauds, it is important to do your research and be smart about your finances in any situation. If you find a reliable program, they can work for you if you stay disciplined enough to alter your lifestyle and keep the debt from rising. Planning to get out of debt and stay out of debt is important in any situation. Our attorneys in Delray Beach can help you start your journey to a debt free life. Get informed about your options by contacting us at (561) 272-1003 for a free consultation. We are always happy to help.