What to Look for in a Delray Beach Bankruptcy Law Firm

Bankruptcy is often a complex process that requires the help of a law firm that specializes in bankruptcy. But if you’re filing for bankruptcy in Delray Beach, it’s essential to hire a qualified firm that can successfully help you with your needs.

But what exactly makes a law firm qualified? Here are 3 things to look for when looking for a lawyer.


Most lawyers have multiple practices. While this can show how well-versed a lawyer is, it’s important to hire a lawyer that has bankruptcy law under their belt.

Unfortunately, lawyers who dabble in a little bit of everything may not have enough knowledge to effectively handle your bankruptcy case.

You want a law firm that understands the bankruptcy process and one that is up to speed with the latest legal developments for the best success.

Sufficient Experience

Another thing to look for when choosing a law firm is a company that has adequate experience successfully handling bankruptcy cases.

With that said, it’s important to pay attention to how many successful cases are under the company’s belt and not just the years of experience they have.

Some law firms will have many years dealing with bankruptcy cases, but they may only have a few wins under their belt. As a result, you may not experience the best results for your case.

When researching law firms, be sure to get an idea of their ratio of bankruptcy cases compared to their success rate.

Choose a Lawyer with Local Expertise

Any law firm that claims to offer bankruptcy cases should have a thorough understanding of bankruptcy laws. But aside from having knowledge about bankruptcy laws, a law firm should have local expertise as well.

This is because bankruptcy procedures typically vary from locality to locality. Therefore, it’s important for a law firm to be familiar with the local laws where your case will be filed.

Here at the Law Offices of John Mufson, we are a law firm that specializes in bankruptcy and understands the local laws in Delray Beach Florida.

When working with us, you can feel confident that our local experience will be used to your benefit for a more successful outcome.

Avoid Law Firms That Claim to Take on a lot of Cases

Law firms that take on a lot of bankruptcy cases are known as “bankruptcy mills”. These firms tend to handle a lot of cases without considering the client’s needs, which typically results in unsatisfactory results.

At the same time, there are companies that are known as “petition preparers”. These companies only fill out bankruptcy paperwork and send you on your way. If you’re looking for additional help, this is not the best option.

Get Help From a Qualified Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you looking for a qualified law firm in Delray Beach Florida to handle your bankruptcy case? You deserve a law firm with experience, skills, and the care to help you get the results you deserve. If you would like to learn more about the options, we have available to you, contact us today to learn more.