Trust an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Delray Beach to Protect your Rights

Many people want to know exactly how to file for bankruptcy. Whether you’re filing Chapter 7, 11 or 13, the process can be complicated. That’s why it’s in your best interest to find legal guidance for this matter. You want a Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm in Delray Beach that has the years of experience and knowledge in understanding all of the ins and outs involved with processing your case through the court system. The exceptional team of attorneys at, The Law Offices of John E.  are here to help you navigate the bankruptcy system and explore your best options.

Which Is The Best Bankruptcy Option for Me? Chapter 7, 11 or Chapter 13? 

All options are available to individuals, but for most, usually Chapter 13 makes the most sense. Let’s break it down here and see why:

• Chapter 7 – If you file this type of bankruptcy you are required to liquidate all of your assets to quickly pay off your debts. No payment plan is needed as all of the liquidated assets will be enough to cover your debt. If you owe far more than you could ever fathom paying back, then you may be a candidate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

• Chapter 11 – This is mainly for businesses, but can also be applied to an individual. Essentially, a repayment plan is created to help reduce your debt. The case must be agreed to by your creditors and confirmed in court. Chapter 11 usually makes sense for individuals or businesses with a very large amount of debt to pay back. 

• Chapter 13 – This type of bankruptcy is most commonly filed by individuals who have under $400,000 or less worth of unsecured debt. In this scenario, you keep your property in exchange for paying creditors your disposable income over a three to five-year repayment plan. Your creditors are required to stop all collection notices and you may even get your debt reduced or even wiped out completely. 

How do I get in touch with the best Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney?

There is no clear-cut path to negotiating a bankruptcy settlement. In fact, we differ from many of the debt relief companies out there who will try to take advantage of you. That’s because we really try to help our clients get out from underwater without risking the destruction of your credit score for 10 years or more. Our team of exceptional chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys has the years of experience to negotiate the most effective settlement for you. Rest assured we can help you determine which path may be the best for you to take. Because the bankruptcy choices you are presented with can feel incredibly overwhelming, we provide several options designed to help you get out of debt. 

How do I get started?

The best way to begin is to sit down face-to-face with one of our chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in Delray Beach. Rest assured that we will negotiate a fair and manageable plan for you. Filing for any type of bankruptcy, whether it be 7, 13, or 11 if you own a business, it is a complex matter best left to a professional. We can create an actionable debt relief plan for you that will not destroy your credit as some advertised debt relief plans do. We can help you regain your life and be free from debt once again. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to make this financial change? You deserve the most aggressive legal assistance, guidance, and representation you can find from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Delray Beach. Our many positive reviews don’t lie; it’s what we do for our clients every day is to help them rebuild their futures. We can do the same for you! To get started, please call us for a free consultation at (561) 272-1003. We are open and ready for business during this challenging time.