Three Steps to Ending Medical Bill Harassment in Delray Beach

One in four Americans struggled to pay medical bills in 2016. This struggle continues today, with many avoiding vital medical care because of financial strains. No one should have to live this way, but when dealing with medical bill harassment in Delray Beach is the alternative, it’s like being between a rock and a hard place. Debt collectors call incessantly and at ridiculous times. They send threatening letters and try to use scare tactics to get your money. If this is happening to you, don’t fall for their tricks and think you have to go into debt to settle these medical bills.  

Here’s three steps you should take to end medical bill harassment. 

Step 1: Do Your Research 

Debt collection agencies rely on you being uninformed and intimidated by their scare tactics. They hope their annoying calls and letters will be enough to force you to pay steep bills and fees in exchange for peace. Don’t let them take advantage of you; instead, arm yourself with knowledge. Understanding debt laws in Delray Beach can protect you from illegal actions by medical debt collectors. 

For example, knowing that collectors are not allowed to call after 9 PM or before 8 AM. They are also not allowed to contact you at work, or pretend to represent any legal authority. Other restrictions include but are not limited to: 

  • Contacting unauthorized third-parties, including your employer, about your debt 
  • Sending written communications designed to look like summons from the government or an attorney 
  • Attempting to collect debts which have expired under Florida’s statute of limitations 
  • Continuing to contact you directly despite legal representation 
  • Using or threatening use of violence 

If you have experienced any of these forms of medical bill harassment in Delray Beach, contact Mufson Law immediately. 

Step 2: Request Contact Cease 

Filing a formal request to cease contact is vital to the process of settling your debt and ending medical debt harassment. While making your wishes known verbally when you receive a call is helpful, it is important to having your request in writing. This documentation will be necessary should legal action be required in the future. 

Additionally, having evidence for harassment claims is vital for any claims you may have against the collection agency. Make copies of any written correspondence you receive and keep record of your call history, especially if they occur during restricted times. 

If you continue to receive calls, emails, or letters after filing a formal cease and desist or creating a payment plan, be sure to record the specific details for later use. This includes time of call, name of representative who called, and any other pertinent information. 

Step 3: Contact an Attorney 

Medical bill collectors use aggressive, illegal tactics because they don’t think you will do anything about it. When it comes to medical bill harassment in Delray Beach, an attorney can help put an end to your suffering. The legal team at Mufson law has the knowledge and experience to take on any case, no matter how great your debt or how long the harassment has persisted.  

Put an end to the harassing calls and letters today. Call Mufson Law now for your consultation.