The Keys for Locating the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Delray Beach

Just imagine going to the hospital for surgery and you face issues after it from mistakes made by your doctor. They claim that everything was perfect, but you do your research and find out that these are significant errors impacting your health. You suffer from these issues for the rest of your life and need continuing care from the mistakes. 

Unfortunately, these situations are common in Florida, with it having the fifth-highest number of incidents of medical malpractice in the country. When this happens to you, it is critical to find a medical malpractice lawyer in Delray Beach that holds the doctors, staff, and facility responsible. Locating the right one is challenging, as not all attorneys are the same and can get you varying results. There are several methods you can use to find the best malpractice lawyer that fights for you and gets you what you deserve. Keep reading to learn more!


There are two types of medical malpractice lawyers including plaintiff and institution professionals, with each one playing a different role. Plaintiff attorneys represent the people who are injured because of medical malpractice and represent the victims. Institutional lawyers protect the interests of doctors, staff, hospitals, healthcare systems, and insurance companies. You want to go with someone who focuses on the plaintiffs and their cases. They know how to argue these claims and the techniques to effectively get a successful outcome. These lawyers want justice and understand the tactics to use to show how the law applies with the compensation. 

Under the law, several cases qualify as medical malpractice, including prescription, surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis, childbirth, and hospital injuries. You can ask for compensatory, punitive, and non-economic damages as a part of any malpractice claim. 

Compensatory damages are for any lost wages, expenses, and medical bills from the incident. Punitive awards are for things like gross negligence where the healthcare staff and facility failed to monitor your situation. Noneconomic damages are from the pain and suffering you experience due to the accident and its effects. You have two years to file your lawsuit after discovering what happened and four years from when the events took place. A plaintiff attorney understands these aspects of the law and they help to ensure you are following all of the guidelines. They know the different kinds of damages and how they apply to your case. Those who work for doctors and insurance companies are more sympathetic to them and won’t focus on these areas as much.


You want to select a malpractice attorney with experience in medical malpractice cases that knows the law, practices, and standards. They must have familiarity with the field of medicine, malpractice cases, taking them to trial, settlements, and a history of winning. One approach is to look at their reviews, check out their website, read about them, and look for any blog articles or input from the attorney that gives you some detail about their knowledge. 

These areas will tell you if they are experienced, understand medical malpractice laws, and how they can help you. 

Success Rates

Those medical malpractice lawyers who are skillful at what they do, have no problem talking about what their past clients have received. You can check out review sites like Google and Yelp or you can dig a little deeper and search in other places.

We Can Help!

Finding the best medical malpractice lawyer in Delray Beach is challenging and requires understanding more about them. These tips will help you to locate one that is right for you and will stand up to the doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. The key is acting as soon as possible so they can fight for you and help you to move on from it. If your or someone you know is in need of a malpractice attorney in South Florida, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team here at Mufson Law!