Stop Student Loan Harassment in Delray Beach

Data indicates that at least one in ten students cannot pay their student loans and end up in default due to the inability to secure high-paying jobs straight out of college and university. 

In such cases, it is not uncommon to experience some form of student loan harassment, especially in Delray Beach. 

The student loan lenders outsource their problems to debt collecting agencies, which take up the task of coercing individuals to start paying their student loans straight away. 

Let us explore some of the finer details of student loan harassment. 

Know The Law 

Many laws protect you from harassment; some include the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Higher Education Act. 

The former dictates that debt collectors are prohibited from engaging in abusive tactics where they phone up former students and start bullying and threatening them to receive repayment. 

The latter gives you many options for repaying your student loan if it goes into default and gives you the right to reject accusations by debt collectors who try to frame you into ‘weaseling out’ of settling your loans. 

The law clearly states that lenders should attempt to create agreements with borrowers to arrive at solutions without resorting to bullying tactics or threatening court action. 

It is wise to not succumb to cases of student loan harassment and to stand your ground, know your rights, and contact the proper associations that deal with this kind of abuse. 

It’s helpful to be precise in your speech when dealing with such people and do your research thoroughly before making your arguments to deescalate the situation. 

Still, some people are experienced bullies, and if you’re experiencing sleepless nights and high anxiety because of them, you should contact the relevant authorities to step in and put a stop to it. 

The Law Offices of John Mufson deal with such issues. Contact them if you feel you are being relentlessly attacked for no good reasons. 

Know The Limits 

Some of the tactics debt collectors use include calling you up at work, cussing you out, threatening you with arrests, and trying to trick you. 

No one likes to speak to such people, and they can make you feel horrible about your debts and going to college. 

Don’t fret too much if these debt collectors are harassing you because you have rights, and they prohibit debt collectors from threatening you. 

If you’ve sent an official letter to the agency in question to stop harassing you, then by law, they are required to stop.  

They are liable to criminal charges and civil liability if they don’t. 

Your best bet would be to start recording the phone conversations and the correspondences to have some evidence that can make your case against them strong. 

Don’t take it personally. With rising tuition fees and more people opting for student loans, you are not the only one suffering from a financial burden. 

Most people’s salaries firstly go towards rent, food, and daily expenses before they can repay student loans. 

Debt collectors are liable to legal recourse against them, and it may be in your best interests to set up an initial consultation with The Law Offices of John Mufson, who will handle the situation for you. 

Your peace of mind is always a priority. 

Don’t Tolerate Abuse 

You should never take anyone’s abuse and tolerate their threats because the situation can worsen if you do. 

You end up giving more power to the debt collectors and making it easy for them to subvert the law. 

You must report violations against you to take appropriate action against the violators to reprimand them for their actions. 

If you are being harassed in Delray Beach for failure to repay student loans, contact The Offices of John Mufson. They are experienced professionals who will review your case for free. 

The debt collectors will be stopped, and you may receive monetary benefits if it becomes apparent that collectors purposely engaged in unethical tactics despite knowing it is against the law. 

Final Thoughts 

It is important to stay steadfast in your attempts to deal with difficult people and seek out professional help and guidance where necessary. 

Unfortunately, student loan harassment is rampant in the United States, but this behavior also has serious consequences for those engaging in such acts.