Stop! Put an End to Medical Bill Harassment in Delray Beach

Individuals suffering from serious illnesses can testify against the increasingly high medical bills, which are extremely difficult to pay upfront. 

2020 saw the highest medical bills observed, with total costs of over 4 trillion USD, of which patients paid 30% for hospital expenses. 

For most individuals, paying these bills is difficult because most of the expenses go towards food, rent, and daily expenses, with not much being left for other things. 

Let us explore how some people are dealing with harassment regarding medical bills and what they should do about it. 

Harassment by Debt Collectors 

Medical bills are at a level that is unaffordable for many, with shock and surprise being a common reaction to those receiving bills in the mail weeks after their medical treatment. 

Following medical treatment, many healthcare providers pass along their bills to debt collectors when it becomes evident that people are struggling to make their payments on time. 

These debt collectors are experts in collecting payment from such individuals, using any means necessary. 

Harassment in the form of calls, letters, and pressure is a common practice these debt collectors employ, and they may warn you to make the payments or else you’ll face persecution. 

You should know that these practices are illegal, and debt collectors do not have the right to harass individuals to make payments at a time of their convenience. 

Their high-pressure schemes can cause mental distress, and those suffering from mental health concerns may be ill-equipped to deal with such tactics. 

Medical bill harassment in Delray Beach, Florida, should be stopped at all costs, and individuals should be aware of their rights so that they are better able to fend for themselves and stop these bullies from disrupting their lives. 

You should know that you are not required to respond to debt collectors at all, even if you have medical bills to pay. 

Protection Against Harassment 

Individuals should be aware of their rights and consult the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which clarifies that debt collectors are not allowed to mistreat, annoy, harass, or manipulate individuals using their deceitful tactics. 

Harassment includes frequent phone calls, threats, and letters to individuals to scare them into making the payments immediately, even if they cannot afford it at the time. 

The debt collectors knowingly engage in malpractice and misrepresentations, which means they pretend to be lawyers and attorneys and quote the exact payment numbers to fake their authority. 

They are highly proficient in dealing with individuals using bullying tactics, and it’s difficult to make persuasive arguments using facts if you’re not equipped to deal with such people. 

The debt collectors must be compliant if you make it clear that you do not wish to be contacted any further, and if they continue to engage in harassment, you should know that it is illegal and that the law is in your favor. 

The Law Offices of John Mufson provide protection against such debt collectors if you are facing harassment and cannot get them off your back. 

They are equipped to deal with such issues because they specialize in such cases and can help you fight off these bullies so that you no longer feel victimized. 

How to Stop Harassment 

In order to stop the debt collectors from contacting you any further, you must submit documentation to demonstrate that the debt collectors’ bullying tactics are disrupting your peace of mind. 

Submitting formal documentation is required as proof that you wish to be left alone. If the debt collectors continue to engage in illegal tactics, they know that they will be persecuted. 

The letter should give precise details regarding the harassment tactics used against you and clarify that you wish to be left alone. 

Furthermore, you can collect evidence by recording phone calls and keeping copies of your files so that you build evidence for your case, showing that the debt collecting agency has continued to harass you, despite your clear warnings not to. 

The Law Office of John Mufson will ensure that these bullies are reprimanded according to the law and that they don’t get away with disturbing your peace of mind. 

You can drop in for a free consultation and arrive with your mountain of evidence so that they can start your case and get the debt collectors off your back for good. 

Final Verdict  

Medical bill harassment in Delray Beach and other locations is wrong in any form and should not be tolerated. 

The law protects individuals from being subjected to deceitful abuse and bullying tactics and reprimands those who continue engaging in such tactics.