Speak with an Attorney Before Choosing a Debt Plan in Delray Beach

When individuals are in debt, they are likely to do anything and everything to get themselves out of it. However, many of the available plans that are offered have been designed to put the person deeper in debt than they were to begin with. If you have recently been considering debt reduction plans in Delray Beach, seek an attorney first! The most popular plans include loan modifications and debt consolidations. Though debt workouts, loan modifications, and loan consolidations are different, they have same qualities.

It is common for individuals to be lead into these programs blind, only to realize that they have acquired more debt due to the small print they didn’t take the time to read. Regardless if the corporation you are working with is large or small, it is always smart to get a second opinion moving forward. The following list includes the negative issues you may be faced with after beginning a debt plan in Delray Beach.

  • Getting taxed on the debt that is “forgiven”
  • Seeing no improvement of credit score throughout the plan
  • Finding out your credit is ruined after the debt plan for many years
  • You continue to receive harassment from your creditors throughout the plan

At the law offices of John E. Mufson, we believe bankruptcy is the best option when dealing with debt. However, if you are fearful of the bankruptcy system and would rather try something else, we are here to provide defense and protection against any foul play. We are here to help people get the debt relief they deserve all while protecting their current assets.

If you are interested in receiving the protection and assistance from our professional bankruptcy attorneys in Delray Beach, please contact us at (561) 272-1003. Instead of receiving promises, make sure you are getting real debt relief!