Know Your Rights to Stop Student Loan Harassment in Delray Beach

Defaults of student loans are not uncommon, with one out of every ten students not being able to pay their loans. Things become challenging for college graduates as they face a mountain of debt and no relief. 

At any given time, 15% of student loans are in default, affecting 9.5 million borrowers. 

The challenges of finding high-paying jobs; and the rising costs of college are causing more people to default. The situation is not your fault, but the issues of paying for other expenses such as rent, food, and utility bills take priority. After you receive your take-home pay, there is not enough to cover the payments for student loans. 

When these situations arise, the lender will send your student loan to debt collectors. They will send you letters, call repeatedly, and try to coerce you to make the payment to them. You can stop student loan harassment, as the law protects you against abusive tactics. We go over what are your rights and the actions you can take to stop all harassment. 

The Laws

Numerous laws protect you against harassment, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Higher Education Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits debt collectors from engaging in abusive practices. These include calling you at work and threatening to take you to court. 

The Higher Education Act gives you numerous options for repaying your student loan when it is in default. A bill collector cannot tell you that you will not bring your loan into good standing. The law establishes ways for borrowers to work out agreements with their lenders on student loans. 

These are some of the laws that limit student loan debt harassment in Delray Beach. You have rights and if any lender is causing you sleepless nights, call us immediately. 

The Law Offices of John Mufson can stop the harassment with your student loan. We have 25 years of experience fighting against abusive practices by debt collectors. Don’t let your student loan create stress in your life when you can call an attorney that will fight for you. 

Know the Limits

Debt collectors cause regret, and nobody likes to talk with them, as they make you feel bad about going to college. You were filled with such hope that college would provide a better life, and now you are swimming in an ocean of debt. 

Don’t despair; you have rights, and debt collectors cannot engage in numerous tactics to threaten or trick you. These include threatening to sue you/have you arrested, calling you names, calling you at work, blowing up your phone, and many others. 

The best approach is to record your telephone conversations and keep all correspondence with the debt collector. If you send them a letter in writing asking them to stop contacting you, they have to stop under the law. Failure to comply opens the debt collector up to criminal charges and civil liability. 

Many people are facing challenges with their student loans, and you are not alone. You made an excellent decision to go to college, but you should know your rights. 

The Law Offices of John Mufson will hold debt collectors accountable for their actions. If you feel you are being harassed, call us, and we will set up a free consultation. We can make them stop, and you may have legal recourse against the debt collector. Let us handle your case and give you peace of mind by having someone that fights for you. 

Don’t Tolerate Student Loan Harassment

You should never tolerate any form of student loan harassment in Delray Beach by taking action. When you sit by and let things happen, the problems worsen as the debt collector subverts the law.

Reporting violations is how we hold debt collectors accountable and ensure the integrity of the system. If you feel a debt collector is harassing you, contact us immediately, and we will review your case for free. We will make them stop, and you may be entitled to monetary damages from the debt collector knowingly breaking the law. 

The Law Offices of John Mufson can help resolve your student loan issues with our total debt solution in Delray Beach. We have helped many people just like you to put these issues behind them and move on with their lives. 

Stand Up for Your Rights

Those who know their rights can stop student loan debt harassment for good and prevent abusive behavior. Call the Law Offices of John Mufson today at 561-272-1003 and let us help you get your life back.  

You do have rights under the law, and we will stop all harassment as the first step in this process. We know what to do and are on South Congress Avenue, near the Delray Swim and Tennis Center.