Get Answers to Your Motorcycle Accident Questions

The risk of an accident is higher for motorcyclists because a motorcycle is a little more difficult to see on the road. That’s just one reason you should be prepared to protect yourself in an accident. While a helmet and other protective gear will minimize the severity of your injuries, you should still be able to protect yourself from the financial and legal consequences of an accident.

What Should You Do Immediately After an Accident?

After a motorcycle accident occurs, you should assess your injuries and collect insurance information from the other driver. Avoid discussing the accident. You should be especially sure not to admit fault or guilt to anyone at the scene. You should also take pictures with your phone to help a motorcycle accident attorney in Delray Beach, Florida, assess your damages. Be sure to get a copy of the police report and undergo a medical exam as soon after the accident as possible.

Will a Health Insurance Claim Affect Your Case?

Delaying medical treatment can hurt your claim for damages since the other driver’s insurance company will use the delay to suggest your injuries aren’t serious. Internal injuries can also worsen when they aren’t treated right away. For these reasons, you should start treatment for your injuries right away. You can pay for your medical care out of your own pocket or use your health insurance. This will not adversely affect your ability to receive damages. However, you will likely have to reimburse your health insurance company for any payments they made on your behalf prior to the settlement.

How Will Comparative Negligence Affect Your Claim?

Many motorcyclists are wary about filing a claim for damages if they weren’t wearing a helmet or were violating other safety laws. This is rarely true. In most cases, a judge will determine the level of your comparative negligence, which simply means the extent to which you contributed to the accident or your injuries. For example, if your case is valued at $100,000 and you were determined to be 20% negligent, the most you could receive would be $80,000.

Should You Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you suffered only minor injuries and the insurance company offers a fair settlement, there’s no reason to hire a lawyer. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. In most cases, the repair of a motorcycle and the treatment of the cyclist’s injuries come to several thousands of dollars. A lawyer can help protect your rights, negotiate for a fairer settlement, and see your case through to a lawsuit if necessary.

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