Find a Consolidation Program right for you in Delray Beach

When you’re drowning in debt it can be an overwhelming feeling. You know you need to do something about your debt, but you aren’t sure what to do or what the best option is. If you’re looking for a consolidation program in Delray Beach, it’s important to be careful of scams and programs that promise to eliminate your debt with little to back up these promises. At The Law Offices of John E. Mufson, we can help you find the right debt relief for your financial situation. Our attorneys will work with you and see how you can attack and eliminate your debts.  

Is bankruptcy an option for me?

Many people think that bankruptcy is a bad idea and they don’t think it should be an option for them. So instead they look for consolidation or debt relief programs as a way to reduce or eliminate their debts. Many of these programs don’t work like they promise, and often can leave the person in further debt as a result of these programs. When you work with an attorney to try and get your debt under control, you can find the best debt relief option for your situation. For some, bankruptcy might be the best option. Bankruptcy will issue an automatic stay which will prevent creditors collection attempts against you. When an automatic stay is in place, creditors are not allowed to: 

  • Foreclose on your home 
  • File a lien against your property 
  • Call you at home or work 
  • Evict you from your apartment  
  • Repossess property 

The Law Offices of John E. Mufson can help you determine if bankruptcy is a good option for you. Each person is in a different situation financially and there is no one way to reduce or eliminate debts that will work for everyone. Our attorneys are here to help you and make sure you stay away from potential debt relief scams or other programs that could end up putting you in a deeper hole financially.  

While filing for bankruptcy scares many people, it can often be a good solution for those drowning in debt. It gives you the opportunity to start fresh without all of the debts you currently have. At The Law Offices of John E. Mufson we’ll make sure you are given the best help to find a way to reduce and eliminate your debts. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our attorneys.