Don’t Lose Your Home! Let a Top Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Delray Beach Protect Your Rights

If you’re facing foreclosure, especially in these challenging COVID-19 times, you need a foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach that will have your back. Your home is presumably your greatest asset. You have worked hard all your life to buy your dream home and now it may suddenly be taken away. It can be stressful and overwhelming to figure out what to do. But, take heart; if you’re facing foreclosure, you’re not alone or at the end of the road by any means. You may be surprised to learn that you have a few other options. A foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach can help you turn your situation around. The first thing to do would be to enlist the aid of the experienced foreclosure attorneys at The Law Offices of John E. Mufson. We will help you work towards a successful outcome. 

At The Law Offices of John E. Mufson, we know just how frightening the threat of foreclosure can be. As soon as you receive your notice, there is no time to waste—call us. The sooner you act the more options you will have. You may think you have to leave your home, but that isn’t always the case. Each situation is different and there are often many ways to approach a foreclosure defense. Foreclosure laws can be complicated and you will need an experienced foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach to help sort things out for you. The unfortunate truth is that the longer you wait to act, the more you have to lose.

How Can We Help Defend You Against A Foreclosure?

To move your case towards a successful resolution, there are a few tactics that our team of foreclosure defense attorneys might initiate to help move your case towards a successful resolution. Foreclosure can feel incredibly overwhelming, but you can breathe a little easier knowing that there are options available to you. Some of the approaches we might use to settle your debt include:

• Loss mitigation: Certain options may allow you to stay in your home while the attorneys come to an agreement to resolve your past-due mortgage payments.

• Mortgage modification:  This could mean a change in the terms of the mortgage such as an extension of payments or a reduction of the principal balance of the loan.

• Short sale: Essentially the lien holder agrees to accept less than the amount owed on the mortgage so that a sale of the property can be made. 

• Deed in lieu:  In most cases, this will release you from all obligations and liability under the mortgage, but not always.

• Debt relief: A plan is made to pay off your creditors usually with one large reduced monthly payment.

• Short payoff: This occurs when a lender agrees to accept less than the full balance of the mortgage as payment in full, and releases the borrower from the debt.

There is no one size fits all defense. That’s also true of our foreclosure defense team. As you can see, there is no one size fits all defense. There is no clear cut path to negotiating a foreclosure settlement. But the best place to start to work all of that out is to call the team of experts at The Law Offices of John E. Mufson. Call our team of foreclosure defense attorneys in Delray Beach. We have years of experience to negotiate the most effective settlement for you. Whether you’ve just received a notice of foreclosure or you’re currently embroiled in the foreclosure process, we will weigh all of your options and then negotiate a fair and manageable plan for you, so that you can begin to see the horizon through the fog. When you hire our team to defend you, nothing is out of reach.  Don’t delay! Call us today at (561) 272-1003 for your free consultation.

How to Know When it’s Time to File for Bankruptcy

Piling up debt seems like the norm our society today, and so it makes sense that more and more people will see filing for bankruptcy as the only alternative to getting out of debt in the coming years. While it isn’t something we want to happen anytime soon, there are some that see bankruptcy as their only option to escape debt. Your outstanding debts over the years may include credit cards, mortgage, car loan, hospital bills, doctor and dentist bills, car loans, student loans or personal loans. If these debts have become more than you can handle, filing for bankruptcy may be a viable financial option. If this sound like you, then don’t despair because there is help for you out there. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to find an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Delray Beach to work with because you want to make sure you file all of the papers properly or risk being turned down by a bankruptcy court. At the Law Office of John E. Mufson, our expert legal team is here to help you navigate through the bankruptcy process from start to finish. It can be overwhelming, but rest assured, we specialize in helping our clients find a wide range of solutions to paying back debt.  

Common Mistakes to Avoid if You’re Thinking of Filing for Bankruptcy 

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t an easy process and it requires more than just filing paperwork. You might not know that should not do this before filing for bankruptcy:  

  • Don’t incur any more debt. We know that sounds like a no brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people still continue to use their credit cards after they file the bankruptcy paperwork. You risk not being approved because the bankruptcy court may think that you aren’t serious and have no intention of paying your debts back. This would actually be considered fraud. 
  • Don’t lie about your assets or provide inaccurate information. This is the time to let it “all hang out,” so to speak. If you lie about any of your assets you could be subject to penalties that could equal thousands of dollars. This would include not so obvious things like assets in safe deposit boxes or storage units. Worse yet, lying about assets may cause a bankruptcy court to dismiss your case altogether.  
  • Don’t file for bankruptcy if you think you might come into some money (like a gift or an inheritance) within the first year of filing. It’s most likely that your bankruptcy case will be dismissed because you can use this money to clear up your debt on your own. 
  • Don’t wait too long to file for bankruptcy. It’s always best to file as quickly as possible so that you don’t incur any more debt and especially if a creditor has a lawsuit against you. A bankruptcy attorney in Delray Beach like The Law Office of John E. Mufson can help you make sense of it all and can advise on the ins and outs of bankruptcy law. 

If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it could not have been an easy decision for you. But when you work with our experienced legal team at the Law Offices of John E. Mufson in Delray Beach, you’ll get honest answers and the highest quality customized client care that you deserve. If you’re considering bankruptcy but our team determines that it’s not aligned with your financial needs and goals, we’ll be upfront and let you know. While you may be shocked to realize that bankruptcy isn’t in your best interests, you’ll also be glad that a bankruptcy lawyer in Delray Beach was upfront with you about your options for debt relief. If filing for bankruptcy is the plan best for you, our legal team will take the time to fully explain your options so that you’re truly confident in the decisions you’re making. Call us today at (561) 272-1003 for a free consultation. We are available to our clients both nights and weekends. 

Fighting Foreclosure: Five Things You Need to Know

Owning a home is a goal we all have, so to achieve homeownership is a big milestone. As a financial commitment, home ownership can be challenging, especially as your financial situation changes. Illness, job termination or layoffs, unexpected bills, and other financial strains can make it difficult to keep up with mortgage payments. If you find yourself struggling to stay afloat, threats for foreclosure can feel like the end of everything you’ve worked hard for. Don’t give up—you still have options. If you’ve been notified of foreclosure proceedings against you or you’re struggling to stay ahead of that looming threat, here’s five things you need to know. 

Review Mortgage Documents 

Before you panic, carefully review your mortgage documents. Look for clauses specifying the procedures your lender must follow to execute foreclosure. If they have not followed the proper guidelines, it does not invalidate their claim, but this can buy you time to build your foreclosure defense.  

Beyond just reviewing your mortgage documents yourself, you should also have a foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach review it as well. Their knowledge of foreclosure law can be useful in determining your next steps and helping you take advantage of any loopholes that may exist. 

Review the Legality of the Foreclosure 

As previously mentioned, a foreclosure defense attorney can use their legal knowledge to your advantage. Mortgage lenders must follow certain procedures which may include providing proper notice of default and opportunities for debt settlement. If it is determined that your home mortgage provider did not follow these laws, it can help to reverse their attempts to foreclose on your home. Again, this does not eliminate your troubles, but it will provide a bit more time to find a solution.  

Contact Your Lender 

Most mortgage companies don’t actually want to waste the time and resources on going through the courts to foreclose on a home. It is more cost effective for them to keep a current resident in place than to try to find a new home buyer. Even if you have defaulted on your loan, if you contact your lender you may be able to come to an agreement in regards to settling your debt and keeping your home. A foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach may also come in handy here as well. Lawyer involvement forces your mortgage lender to play fair and work with you in order to avoid heading to courts. 

Examine Finances 

It is also in your best interest to try and settle monetary disputes with your lender outside of the courtroom. Going to court only accrues further debts as you will be responsible for costs and fees. Before you get to that point, try to examine your finances and determine what you can do to get back into the green. Look for areas where you can potentially lower or eliminate your bills so allow for more breathing room.  

As you examine your finances, you may also want to consider if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Filing bankruptcy can put a hold on foreclosure proceedings and stop debt harassment in Delray Beach. Depending on your specific situation, you may file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to reconstruct your financial situation. Be forewarned, though: bankruptcy filings will remain on your credit history for 10 years and may require you to completely rebuild your credit. It may also require you to liquidate your assets and ultimately your lenders and creditors can dispute your filing. 

Court Appeal 

If you have exhausted all of your options, going to court to appeal a foreclosure may be your final option. If it is, having an experienced foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach working on your behalf can help you save your home. With the law office of John E. Mufson, you can take advantage of over two decades of foreclosure and bankruptcy law experience. We help you to understand all your options so you can make an educated decision for your future. We are dedicated to getting you the best possible outcome no matter what direction you choose to take. 

Contact us today to begin exploring your foreclosure defense options. 

What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is essentially when multiple debts are rolled over into a single one with a lower payment. One could use either a personal loan or a credit card to consolidate debt. If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of debt consolidation, you may want to see how it works, when it’s a good idea, and determine in which cases it is a bad idea. Equally important, you’ll want to find out who is the best team to consult when considering debt consolidation. Luckily for you, we’re here to tell you that The Law Office of John E. Mufson is exactly who you will want to seek counsel from at times like these. We can provide you with useful information about the various consolidation programs in Delray Beach and more.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

Before you commit yourself to any sort of debt solution method, it’s imperative that you are well informed about precisely how it works and if it will benefit or affect you, depending on your unique circumstances. To understand how debt consolidation works, let’s break down the process. According to industry experts, there are two main ways to consolidate debt, and both concentrate your debt payments into one monthly bill. The first option has a 0% interest, balance-transfer credit card: transfer all your debts onto this card and pay the full balance during the promotional period. You can also opt for the second option, which is a fixed-rate debt consolidation loan: you can use the loan to pay off your debt, then pay back the loan installments over a set term. Besides these two methods, there is the home equity loan and the 401(k) loan, which tend to be riskier choices since they could affect your home or retirement. Ultimately, the best way forward will depend on your credit score and profile, and other relevant details. Whatever option you consider, speaking with a professional about consolidation programs in Delray Beach is the best way to get started.

Is Debt Consolidation Good for You?

The answer to this question will be highly dependent on your situation. Debt consolidation is considered the best approach if you, for instance appear like a suitable candidate for a 0% credit card or low interest debt consolidation loan, if you have secure and frequent income to cover the payments toward the debt, and if the total of your debt, taking out your mortgage, doesn’t go over 40% of your income. Of course, every case will be different, but these are some of the key points you’ll want to look out before fully committing to debt consolidation.

For those who are overwhelmed by debt and think they will not be able to pay it off even with reduced payments, then debt consolidation may not be your best option. If you have a small debt load, then you may be better off by paying your debt in increments over a period of six months to a year. If the totality of your debts goes over half of your income, then you may need to seek debt relief instead. In any case, scheduling a consultation with a specialist in the matter is the best thing you can do for yourself. Call The Law Office of John E. Mufson at (561) 272-1003 and we’ll discuss the best consolidation programs for you!

Looking for the Best Debt Programs in Delray Beach?

You are in debt. Frightened about your financial condition and desperate for answers, you’re searching for debt programs that can help you somehow regain your stability. Let us just tell you that you’re not the only one facing this kind of hardship. Many people today are in debt and they, just like you, are constantly looking for new and safe solutions to eradicate their debt and balance their status once and for all. In these circumstances, the best thing you can do is consult a specialist in the matter. You are already dealing with a less than comfortable scenario, the last thing you want to do is get yourself into another predicament. With the expertise and experience of the team at The Law Office of John E. Mufson, that won’t ever be the case. We will set you up with the best debt programs in Delray Beach, finally giving you the fresh start you need.

Actions, Not Promises with Our Debt Programs in Delray Beach

The worst thing you can do, if you’re currently struggling with debt, is to ignore the problem. Problems don’t need to be ignored, they need to be dealt with and resolved. What’s important is that whatever solution you’re considering is safe and eliminates the issue at the root. At The Law Office of John E. Mufson, we are used to working with clients who may have tried every possible resolution but have sadly not been able to put a definitive end to this challenge. The truth is that many haven’t filed for bankruptcy because they are afraid of the bankruptcy system, and have therefore decided to invest in other debt relief options such as loan modifications, debt consolidations, and more. Such measures, however, often achieve zero results and can leave the individual in worse financial shape. Don’t waste your time with these debt workout schemes, when you can consult a professional and get actual help.

Protect Your Assets with Our Debt Programs in Delray Beach

At The Law Office of John E. Mufson, we are experts at helping you resolve your debts while keeping your assets intact. In fact, we use the bankruptcy system to protect the rights of our clients and avoid repossession, foreclosure, and creditor lawsuits. During a free initial consultation, Mr. Mufson will review your situation thoroughly and advise you about the best ways to proceed in your particular case.

Contact Us to View the Various Debt Programs in Delray Beach

Debt isn’t something you should take lightly. However, you don’t have to worry if you act soon. Speaking with a known professional in the matter is the best thing you can do to secure your present and your future. Find the relief that you need today by calling the team at The Law Office of John E. Mufson at (561) 272-1003 and schedule your first appointment with our leading expert to discuss the best debt programs in Delray Beach.

Can a Foreclosure Defense Attorney Help Me?

If you are facing a possible foreclosure or worry that your home may be foreclosed on, you need to speak with an attorney right away. A good foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach can help figure out the options you have and help you avoid your home being foreclosed on. The Law Offices of John E. Mufson has a team of attorneys who can help you if you’re looking for a foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach. Many people struggle with their finances and if you find yourself in a position where your home is being foreclosed or you fear foreclosure is coming soon, it’s time to speak with an attorney and see how we can help.  

Foreclosure is scary to think about and nobody wants it to happen to them. It can be a very stressful and overwhelming to think about the possibility of losing your home. If you’re about to be foreclosed on the best thing to do is speak with a foreclosure defense attorney. Our team at The Law Offices of John E. Mufson can help you find the best solution to help keep your home and avoid foreclosure. We offer free case evaluations and will work in your best interest so you can keep your home.  

There are a few options when it comes to avoiding foreclosure and speaking with an attorney will give you the best chance at staying in your home. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one option for you if you’re facing foreclosure. When you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy an automatic stay will be set in place which will stop all creditor actions. Chapter 13 is another form of bankruptcy that you may be able to file for, but it won’t guarantee that you can keep your home and avoid foreclosure. Each circumstance is different, which is why speaking with a knowledgeable bankruptcy defense attorney is important.   

If you fear foreclosure is close it can be a scary and worrisome time. You may not know what you should do next to try and avoid foreclosure and keep your home. At The Law Offices of John E. Mufson we have a team of foreclosure defense attorneys who will work to help you find a solution. Even if your home is in the foreclosure process you may be able to find a solution that allows you to keep your home. To learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you contact our team at The Law Offices of John E. Mufson today.

Debt Solution in Delray Beach: How to Avoid Harassment

Financial struggles can be quite stressful. Having a mountain of debt and feeling like you can barely chip away at it is difficult. There are many forms of debt, including credit cards, student loans, mortgages, car loans, and more. Debt collector calls do not help. In fact, they add more stress to the overwhelming pile. Did you know that debt collector harassment is against the law? If you are looking for debt solutions in Delray Beach, contact Mufson Law. 

How Debt Solution in Delray Beach Can Help with Debt Collector Harassment  

There are rules when it comes to the role of the debt collector. Though many are just doing their jobs, there are times when a debt collector can go above and beyond, harassing people with debts. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers being harassed over the phone and by mail. While debt collectors may identify themselves every time they call, notify, file a lawsuit, or verify the debt, there is an extensive list of things they cannot do.

The FDCPA helps to protect individuals from being called at unreasonable hours. Debt collectors are only allowed to call between 8 am and 9 pm. They are also not allowed to call numerous times. This is considered abuse and can also be considered harassment. If an individual has asked for the calls to stop with a written notice, then the debt collector is not allowed to continue calling.  

Additionally, debt collectors cannot use profane language, report false information, seek unrealistic amounts, or deceive the individual. Unfortunately, this is more common than one may think. At Mufson Law, we help residents with debt solutions in Delray Beach. We provide a free evaluation of one’s case, followed by the best possible options. If a debt collector is harassing you, then you deserve a strong and supportive team on your side like Mufson Law. Call us today at (561) 272-1003 to find out more.


How Debt Programs in Delray Beach Can Help Those Struggling with Student Loans

In the first quarter of 2018, student loans surpassed $1.5 trillion. Student loans are now the second-largest category of household debt in the United States, trailing only home loans. Student loan debt accounts for more money than owed for credit card debt and auto loans. Skyrocketing student loan debt could lead some young people to search for debt programs in Delray Beach. 

How Debt Programs in Delray Beach Can Help Student Loan Borrowers

According to USA Today’s College Factual: the average student loan for borrows is more than $8,000. What makes that figure all the more staggering is than half of all students borrow.

The cost of earning a college degree continues to rise faster than inflation. As students borrow more money to cover the costs, loan defaults are increasing as well. According to Investopedia, 70 percent of college grads have student debt, with an average debt at more than $37,000 at graduation.

For students who are struggling to repay their loans, debt programs are available, and Mufson Law can introduce you to them. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the best options, as it allows you to keep your possessions, but it also helps to stop the interest on your loans from increasing. Additionally, past-due student loan debts can be added into your repayment plan, which can last three to five years. While you still have to repay the debt, you’ll at least be able to say that you are in a stronger position than you had been before.

If you’re facing student loans and are curious about the debt programs in Delray Beach, the professionals at Mufson Law encourage you to reach out immediately. We know that the stress can be overwhelming, but with twenty-five years of experience on your side, you’ll be able to face the future with more hope and optimism. If you struggle with student loan debt, call us today at (561) 272-1003.

How to Handle a Foreclosure from a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Delray Beach

Buying a home is a major milestone in life. Many new homeowners are optimistic and excited as they imagine their lives in their new home. However, sometimes life does not go as planned, leaving millions of American’s suffering from foreclosure or falling short of the monthly mortgage payments. It’s crucial that homeowners understand the basics of foreclosure. Like the adage says, knowledge is power, and the same is true for having a professional foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach.

If you need a foreclosure attorney in Delray Beach, reach out to the Law Offices of John E. Mufson today!

Approximately seven million people lost their homes during the great recession. In 2015, 4.3 million homeowners had a house that was worth less than what they owed on their mortgages. When this happened, many homeowners assumed that it wasn’t worth it to keep the home. However, the smarter move would be to keep the house until the market increases, and it regains its prior value.

While the housing market has recovered, many homeowners remain at risk of losing their homes and wonder what the best way to handle a foreclosure is.

The most important thing any person can do is to hire a foreclosure defense attorney. Going through the foreclosure process alone is grueling and also, confusing. Hiring a professional will ensure that the options are all laid out in front, and an expert will help to make those decisions. Often, when individuals are in the middle of a crisis, it can be hard to make a good decision that will benefit them in the long-term.

With a foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach, this will never be an issue as there is an outside perspective that can see the past, present, and future for precisely what it is. If you’re currently suffering from the possibility of foreclosure, then you’ll want to call the Law Offices of John E. Mufson today. We can help you to assess your options and represent you through to the end. Foreclosure does not mean the end of the world. Instead, think of foreclosure as a fresh start, but be sure to do it the right way. Call us for a free consultation and witness as we help you to turn your life around.

How to Manage Debt and Find Debt Solutions in Delray Beach

When a person experiences a significant amount of debt, the effects can be frustrating and overwhelming. Millions of Americans find themselves facing mounting debt as they face foreclosure and bankruptcy. It’s important to know that you are not alone, and it is also important to know that there are many debt solutions in Delray Beach to help you get back on your feet, to restart your financial life.

What are the Debt Solutions in Delray Beach?

Assessing all of the options can be a lot, especially because many companies try to give helpful tips. There are simple steps to take that may help in the long run, such as developing a budget, making an expense sheet, and setting aside money each month. However, in some cases that may not be enough, and professional help is needed. If you’re searching for professional support, know that this one step will help to relieve you of most of your stress. Part of what makes debt like a sea is that it’s hard to get a bird’s eye view of your situation.

At the Law Offices of John E. Mufson, we offer a free case evaluation to determine what your possible options are. There is something refreshing about having an outside perspective when you’re going through a difficult situation. With our extensive knowledge and professional team, we can help you get to the bottom of your problem by picking a path and taking action.

If you’re looking at bankruptcy options, don’t despair. There are benefits to filing for bankruptcy. You can resolve your debt and finally be free from collector phone calls. Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, we can help you find a solution that will leave you feeling lighter and more optimistic.

If you’re searching for debt solutions in Delray Beach, look no further. The Law Offices of John E. Mufson is available to give you a fresh start, a new look, and a found sense of hope. Don’t struggle with debt alone. Instead, call the team you can trust at (561) 272-1003 and see how today becomes the first day of your new financial life!