Slip and Fall in South Florida

South Florida slip and fall accidents happen all the time. They can occur suddenly and cause significant injury. You should be aware of slip and fall statistics, so you can prepare your home.

Don’t Lose Your Home! Let a Top Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Delray Beach Protect Your Rights

If you’re facing foreclosure, especially in these challenging COVID-19 times, you need a foreclosure defense attorney in Delray Beach that will have your back. Your home is presumably your greatest asset. You have worked hard all your life to buy your dream home and now it may suddenly be taken away. It can be stressful […]

When to File for Bankruptcy in Delray Beach

The word bankruptcy tends to have a negative connotation to it. People hear the word and instantly associate it with ideas of failure. However, things happen and life does not always go as planned. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having to ask for a fresh start. It happens to the best of us from time […]

The Top Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer in Delray Beach Will Help You Get Justice for Your Pain and Suffering

Are you a victim of a slip and fall accident? These cases can be hard to prove unless you have an experienced slip and fall accident attorney in Delray Beach on your side. Slip and fall accidents are often about more than just about the physical injuries you’re facing. These cases are unfortunately often accompanied […]

How to Tell if Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is For You: Tips from a Top Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Delray Beach

If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you may be wondering, “How could this happen to me,” or that it’s something to be embarrassed about. But the truth is that it happens to people from all walks of life. Your grandmother, teacher, the mailman, or your doctor could file for bankruptcy at some time in […]

What Debt Does Bankruptcy Not Discharge?

When filing for bankruptcy, one of the most common things people look forward to having is the majority of their unmanageable debt dismissed or discharged. Sadly, this isn’t a reality for every person who experiences bankruptcy. Not at all debt is qualified for discharge during bankruptcy. Regardless of which chapter of bankruptcy you file for, […]

Has Overwhelming Debt Sent You into Hiding?

If your debt has been piling up and you feel like you are drowning in it year after year with nowhere to turn for help, it may be time to contact a trusted Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Delray Beach. It’s easy to be fooled by the ads on TV that promise to easily eliminate […]