Debt Management Plan – Is It Right for Me?

When a person is in debt, it is highly likely that they get behind the schedule, run out of money, or cannot repay their payments for a long time, and now they are getting constant calls from their lenders. A great alternative and remedy for this issue can be a Debt Plan. Delray Beach residents can now lay back and relax as this article will help you know what a debt management plan is and how it can benefit you.

How to Avoid Credit Card Harassments

Creditors are people you owe money to. These people can pursue you to collect their payments. However, they aren’t allowed to disturb you at a point where it becomes harassment. There are many cases where debtors have sued credit card companies for harassment. In this blog post, we will share how you can avoid credit […]

Debt Free Strategies For Small Businesses

Debt isn’t always a four-letter word. In many instances, debt is how small businesses get started, but when expenses are no longer going toward the business, things can quickly get out of control. If you’re currently struggling with managing your debt, there is a debt solution in Delray Beach: you can contact the Law Offices […]

Disadvantages of a Debt Plan

Many people pile on debt, and sometimes, the debt becomes overwhelming. Having debt is normal, and often, it is necessary to avoid a financial crisis. However, things do not always go as planned, and you may miss payments or accumulate more debt than you can handle.  This is where a debt management plan, or debt […]

10 Tips for a Debt-Free Holiday Season

For many people, this week marks the official beginning of the holiday season. With Black Friday just around the corner, millions across the United States will participate in the mad dash to find the perfect gift for loved ones, the perfect holiday outfit, or other financial splurges. While this uptake in commercial spending is great […]

Do I Need a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Delray Beach?

While the housing market is somewhat stable today with interest rates still at all-time lows, statistics show that with 1 in every 1230 Florida houses sold, a homeowner will receive a notice of foreclosure. Ifyou’re a South Florida homeowner that received a foreclosure notice recently, you’ll want to contact a great foreclosure attorney in Delray […]