Tips to Manage Your Debt and Avoid Debt Plans

Has your debt piled up to an overwhelming amount?

Often people may pile on more debt than they can manage, and it can become challenging for them to repay their creditors. If you are such a person, you may have a few options available to you but, the most seemingly attractive one may be a debt plan or a debt management plan.

However, you would be wrong to think that a debt plan is your best option; in fact, it is one of the worst options you can choose. You can learn more about it by reading our article on the subject, ‘Disadvantages of a Debt Plan.’

What if you could manage your debts yourself?

It may seem unattainable because you may have been unable to do it so far, which is likely why you are here in the first place but, you have to start somewhere. Most importantly, anything that helps avoid a debt plan is worth a shot.

Always remember to consult The Law Offices of John E. Mufson in Delray Beach for the best debt relief in Florida that protects your rights and prevents repossession, foreclosure, or creditor lawsuits.

Let’s help you avoid shady debt plans and other debt consolidation scams.

Tips to Manage Your Debt and Avoid Debt Plans

Here are some handy tips for managing your debt better and avoiding debt plans.

  • Identify Your Debts

If you want to manage debts successfully, you have to identify and detail them first. The first thing you want to do is create a list of all your debts and note down the details of each one; this can include your student loans, personal loans, credit card debts, etc.

You want to detail a few critical things for each debt to make management more effortless.

  1. Name and contact of the creditor
  2. The total amount of money owed
  3. Interest rate
  4. The minimum monthly payment for this debt
  5. Any applicable fees
  6. Terms of the debt

Doing this for all your debts will give you a complete picture, which will help you manage your debts better.

  • Strategize Your Debt Management

There are two ways you can go about paying your debts. However, whichever one you choose, you must first make sure that you make the minimum monthly payments on all your debts. Failing to make the monthly payments so will hurt your credit.

Moving forward, the first strategy is to start paying the debt with the highest interest rate. Once that is paid, focus on the second highest one, then the third, and so forth. You may struggle to pay off the first and most considerable debt but, following this strategy will save you money spent on interest in the long run.

The second strategy is to pay off the debt with the lowest balance first. While you may end up paying more in interest rates, the benefit here is that you will feel more motivated as the smaller debts start to disappear. The earlier gratification may be vital in avoiding the temptations of debt plans.

  • Stick to One Debt at a Time

No matter the strategy, you need to remain focused on clearing one debt at a time.

If you lose focus and start hedging, you will end up losing your strategy and its benefits. Paying off one debt at a time will allow for better progress because you pay off the principal, saving more on interest.


You will have to stop accumulating further debt and reduce your expenses as you go about following the mentioned tips and strategies. While it may seem complicated, you have to realize that opting for a debt plan instead will only worsen your situation and create further problems.

There are always better options, and we highly recommend that you consult the debt relief specialists at The Law Offices of John E. Mufson in Delray Beach, Florida.

If you want to learn more about how to manage your debt, avoiding debt plans, or if you want the best debt relief solutions in Delray Beach, Florida, please visit our website today.

Disadvantages of a Debt Plan

Many people pile on debt, and sometimes, the debt becomes overwhelming.

Having debt is normal, and often, it is necessary to avoid a financial crisis. However, things do not always go as planned, and you may miss payments or accumulate more debt than you can handle. 

This is where a debt management plan, or debt plan, can be very tempting. A debt plan is a repayment plan set and managed by a credit counseling agency. They work out a new plan for your debt by negotiating with creditors on your behalf to lower your interest rates.

Their goal is to help you pay off the severe debt in a few years, which is easier because of the lower interest rates and waived fees they negotiate with your creditors. However, this is not as great as it seems because there are plenty of drawbacks, and often, debt plans scam you into bigger problems.

If you are looking at debt plans, want debt relief in Delray Beach, or want to protect your rights, prevent repossession, foreclosure, or creditor lawsuits, always consult an experienced attorney. The Law Offices of John E. Mufson is your best option in South Florida for such situations.

That being said, let’s discuss some disadvantages of a debt plan, so you know exactly why it is not the tempting option that it seems.

Disadvantages of a Debt Plan

Here are the major drawbacks and disadvantages of a debt plan for anyone in or around Delray Beach or South Florida in general.

Added Costs

Taking on a debt plan may involve added costs, which people are often unaware of. These costs can include setup fees, monthly fees, annual fees, transfer fees, and more. It is crucial to understand the true cost of a debt plan and take these additional costs into account before you sign up.

Your Interest Rates May Increase

Lower interests are why most people opt for a debt plan; however, this is not always the case. If your credit score is not high enough to qualify for lower interest rates, you may end up with a rate higher than the interest rates on your current debt.

Not All Creditors Participate

While most creditors are comfortable with debt plans, there are plenty of creditors that may not participate. The final decision lies with the creditors, and they may not want to lower your interest rates or take part in your debt plan.

Moreover, secured debts and some unsecured debts, like student loans, are generally not included in debt plans. Your debt plan will not include those debts, and you have to manage those payments on your own.

You Pay More Overtime

While a debt plan may reduce interest rates, debtors often end up paying more over time. This is because repayment starts from when you begin your debt plan and may stretch for as long as seven years. You may pay less every month but, the payments will add up over a longer period.

Damaged Credit Score

Contrary to popular belief, your credit score does not improve during the debt plan period, and often, after the debt plan is cleared, your credit score may be ruined for up to a decade. A bad credit score can create massive long-term issues because your credit score is linked to almost all your life’s financial aspects.

Missed Payments

If you miss a payment on your debt plan for any reason, the benefits of the plan go away. No lower interests, no smaller monthly payments, and your credit score is negatively affected as well.

Does Not Solve Financial Issues

Debt plans seem tempting, but they do not solve your financial problems. If you were unable to make payments before, you might not be able to make your debt plan payments as well. This can land you in more trouble than you originally had, making a debt plan completely useless.


The disadvantages of a debt plan are often hidden or misconstrued by most people, which leads them to think that debt plans are always the solution. There are better solutions, like going through the bankruptcy system to protect your rights and solve your debt problems.

Always consult experienced bankruptcy attorneys for matters related to debt, and if you live in or around Delray Beach, this means consulting the best debt relief lawyers at The Law Offices of John E. Mufson.

If you want to learn more about the disadvantages of a debt plan or the help of a qualified debt relief lawyer, please visit our website today.

Here’s How a Wrongful Death Attorney Can Benefit You

Wrongful death incidents are horrible for everyone involved and should always be treated as a means to seek justice.


Not only is the incident tragic for the person who passed away, but also their loved ones. These people have to continue with life knowing someone they cared about was negligent and it resulted in the death of their loved one.


While the decision to pursue justice is a personal one, it’s something that many people decide to move forward with. Seeking justice helps in many ways, but one way is by helping loved ones get the closure they need. 


They get to hold the guilty party accountable in the court of law and gain closure knowing there were consequences. However, this is impossible without the help of a wrongful death attorney in Delray Beach, Florida.


Here at the Law Offices of John E. Mufson, we can help you seek justice. Not only that but having our wrongful death attorneys on your side can benefit you in other ways.


Keep reading to learn more!

Get the Value of Your Claim Established

Seeking justice on behalf of your loved one might be the end goal when hiring an attorney; however, not every case is worth pursuing. 


We know it’s hard to hear that you could have a claim that will not go anywhere. But, it happens from time to time. 


The good news is that as soon as you contact an attorney and tell them the details of what happened, they will let you know immediately. 


If you do have a case, we will explain what the value of the claim is. The value essentially means how much the case is worth in terms of loss, money, and pain, among other factors. 


While it is never about money, it helps to know if financial compensation is one of the ways you can seek justice. 

Receive Guidance on Proceeding with the Case

When you proceed with a wrongful death case, there are do’s and don’ts that you should follow. 


No attorney expects you to know these as many people outside of the legal field know the details of these types of cases. 


However, moving forward, you must know the best ways to approach the claim. One example of guidance you will likely receive is to avoid posting what happened on social media. 


The last thing you want to do is post something that makes it look like you’re seeking attention or justice outside of the court system, gives the wrong impression, or jeopardizes the case. 


Keep in mind that you are seeking justice for a loved one who has passed away because of the negligence of someone else. 


It’s a tense claim that is best to avoid speaking about it with anyone except for your attorney. 

Save Valuable Time

One thing that doesn’t get discussed enough is how time-consuming a claim can be. Wrongful deaths are even more so time-consuming because there are a lot of factors, including the most important: death. 


However, with a wrongful death attorney working on your case, you can focus on your loved ones and grieving during this time. 


We help in every way we can, easing the burden on you and allowing you to focus on other things you have to take care of. 


An attorney will also navigate the claim a lot faster than most people as they have an education on the legal process. We know what next steps to take and how to get everything ready for your claim. 


We understand how difficult it can be for some people to take a step back, but with the Law Offices of John E. Mufson, you know that you are in good hands.

Contact the Law Offices of John E. Mufson Today!

If you have faced the loss of a loved one due to wrongful death, our team at the Law Offices of John E. Mufson is here to help. 


Our wrongful death attorneys in Delray Beach can offer all of the benefits mentioned above and more. 


We know what it takes to seek justice and will do everything we can to ensure the guilty party is held accountable. 


To learn more about wrongful death cases, visit our website


To get a case evaluation, call our office today at (561) 272-1003.

Frequent Mistakes when choosing an Accident Lawyer in Delray Beach and How to Avoid Them

Car accidents happen frequently and often lead to injuries that cost you time, money, pain, and suffering. Every year there are 6 million accidents, and out of this number, 3 million result in some type of injury. 

Many times the other driver could be impaired or simply driving recklessly leading up to the accident. Florida has one of the highest death rates for auto fatalities in the country, coming in at 14.7%. When you are in these situations, it is critical to find the right accident lawyer in Delray Beach to fight for you. 

Choosing an Accident Lawyer in Delray Beach from Advertising

Many people are impressed when they see a commercial and sharp ad in the newspaper or online. They assume that this person can get to the bottom of their injury claims in Delray Beach from the perceptions of the commercial. The reality is that the attorney paid for the advertisement, and it is designed to look impressive. 

The problem is that they might not have the experience or care enough about you to handle your claim effectively. Making a decision based on these views is a significant mistake from not knowing if they can best represent your interests. The odds increase that they will push for a quick settlement to cover their fees, and you receive a small portion of what you need to recover from the accident entirely. 

Selecting an Accident Lawyer in Delray Beach that Makes Lots of Promises

Let’s face it, when it comes to injury claims in Delray Beach, many attorneys will promise you the world. The reality is that you must file the case in court, make appearances, and negotiate with the other party. There is no inevitable outcome from the case, as it depends on the evidence, the other side, and if they are willing to compromise. 

Anytime you are trying to recover damages from an accident, several factors play a role. These include your medical bills, the recovery time, lost wages, injuries, pain, and suffering. 

An excellent attorney will say they have seen similar situations, but there is no guarantee that you will have the same outcome. They will tell you that it all depends on all these factors and the willingness of the other party to agree. 

Choosing an Accident Lawyer in Delray Beach Because They Will Settle

Most cases involving injuries will settle out of court, but the process involves going back and forth between the parties. 95% of the time, these cases eventually lead to a settlement, with everyone realizing how this is the best option. 

However, there are those cases where the other party and their insurance company may not want to settle. When these situations occur, you have to be ready to show them that you mean business by going to court and having a jury trial. 

Anytime you hire an attorney based on the assumption that you will be settling, it is a significant mistake. You want to use the threat of going to court to persuade the other party that they need to find an easy way out. Settlements are the best option, but this means not giving in until you get what you deserve. 

Those attorneys who are looking for a settlement are the wrong ones you need to handle your case. They seek a quick fee, and you will not receive the maximum amount to deal with your issues. You want a lawyer that can get the most out of the settlement, and the key is having leverage over the other party. 

Contact Mufson Law Today!

These are some of the most frequent mistakes you can make when looking for an accident lawyer in Delray Beach. Call John Mufson today at 561-272-1003 and see how you can put his 25 years of experience to work for you. He knows what to do to get you the money you deserve and cares about having a successful outcome.

Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney or Represent Yourself?

If you are filing for bankruptcy, you have the choice to represent yourself or hire a bankruptcy defense attorney in Delray Beach or your residing area. If you choose to represent yourself, one benefit is that you will most likely save in attorney’s fees. 

However, you will need a general understanding of the legal process and of the laws pertaining to your situation, even with the most straightforward case.

Court proceedings can be confusing even without the onus of dealing with bankruptcy. Additionally, bankruptcy laws are extremely complex. As a result, it is recommended to hire a bankruptcy attorney to make filing for bankruptcy easier, quicker, and in some cases, more cost-effective. In this article, we will further explore the benefits of hiring a bankruptcy defense attorney in Delray Beach.

Higher Chance of Eliminating Debt 

An experienced attorney understands the bankruptcy filing process, has the knowledge needed to take care of the legal paperwork, ensuring that it is filed in a timely manner, obtain necessary documents and deal with creditors. All of these things make it so you have higher chances of actually getting the results you want. Going in and not being prepared or not knowing what to expect makes chances high that you’ll cause a delay or some other error that results in undesired results. 

Furthermore, filing for bankruptcy requires knowledge of the federal code and local case law, such as bankruptcy laws in the Southern District of Florida. An experienced bankruptcy defense attorney in Delray Beach is up to date with current laws and is familiar with courtroom proceedings.

Helps You Decide the Best Option

Should you file for bankruptcy, or is there a more practical route? 

Many individuals who are drowning in debt believe that bankruptcy is their best course of action, but this isn’t always the case. By hiring the Law Offices of John E. Mufson for bankruptcy help in Delray Beach, your attorney will review your finances and provide recommendations. You may be able to manage your debt by selling off assets or negotiating with your creditor. There are many avenues you can take, and your attorney will help you choose the best one to prevent bankruptcy and save your credit.

However, if there is no alternative to bankruptcy, you still have important decisions to make. Depending on your financial situation, you will most likely need to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. They each serve different purposes, so if you are unsure which to file for, your attorney can help you choose the best option.

Protection from Creditors 

Anyone who has had debt knows that creditors can be merciless. Once you have hired a lawyer, you can inform debt collectors to send their phone calls to your attorney’s office. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, you will be granted an automatic stay, which prevents creditors from harassing you by collecting a debt.

Peace of Mind 

When you no longer have to deal with creditors, worry about handling paperwork, and research bankruptcy information, you will begin to feel less burdened and that can make a significant difference. 

By hiring a bankruptcy defense attorney in Delray Beach, you no longer worry about:

  • Making mistakes, such as filing for Chapter 7 instead of Chapter 13
  • Negotiating with creditors to provide you with more time to get the money together
  • Prepare for the bankruptcy case and deal with the uncertainty of what to expect

Your experienced attorney will be at your side every step of the way. This peace of mind, especially during a stressful time in your life, will go a long way.

Contact the Law Offices of John E. Mufson

Attorney John E. Mufson has more than 25 years of experience in providing bankruptcy representation and debt relief services to individuals and small-business owners in Palm Beach County. He has filed more than 2,000 bankruptcy cases in South Florida. 

A large portion of his practice consists of representing consumer debtors and businesses who file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code. The office also assists individuals with workouts with creditors, mortgage foreclosures, and credit card lawsuits filed by creditors. Contact us today for a consultation.

5 Signs That Filing for Bankruptcy Could Give you the Fresh Start You Need

Many people experience going into debt in their lifetimes. Whether it’s medical debt, student loan debt, or credit card debt, we all go through it. Sometimes our debt is temporary, or we pay it off, but other times it continues to grow. Seeing that number get larger is overwhelming and stressful. Sometimes, it feels like no matter how much we pay off, it’s never enough. If you feel like this never-ending cycle of debt and making payments is taking over your life, it might be time to consider other ways of finding debt relief. One way you can do that is through bankruptcy and an attorney who knows bankruptcy law in Delray Beach. You don’t need to make a decision right away, but knowing the following five signs can help you decide what to do.


You Spent All of Your Savings

When the going gets tough, we sometimes have to resort to other ways of getting by. And if you recently lost your job or had other life-altering events occur, you might have had to dip into your savings. Whether this savings was for your children’s college education or retirement, it happens from time to time. But usually, there’s a limit of how much we need, and we can bounce back. However, if you find yourself spending all of your savings and depleting your money, then it could be a sign that bankruptcy could benefit you.


You’re Behind on Bills

Missing the occasional bill payment isn’t the end of the world. Chances are that the company or landlord you pay will understand you made a mistake or are going through a rough patch. But when it becomes a habit, you might begin to make some people angry. These people might also stop giving you second chances. The first thing you want to do is evaluate why you are behind on bills. Is it overspending or a general lack of income or money? If you don’t have any money or enough money, it may be time to consider other options. We recommend getting in front of the trouble before doing what some do, turning to loans to pay for bills.


You Avoid Phone Calls or Your Mail

The more debt you have, the more mail and phone calls you will accumulate. The debt collectors and creditors are going to want their money. And these people are aggressive, not stopping at anything to get it, whether that means calling you multiple times a day or sending you mail every week. If you have found yourself avoiding opening the mail or answering your phone, it could be a sign that you know you’re in trouble. However, dealing with debt head-on is the best way to go. Whether that’s filing for bankruptcy or seeking a bankruptcy attorney with expertise in bankruptcy law in Delray Beach, it’s better to stop the debt from mounting further.


Your Credit Cards Are Maxed Out

If your credit cards are maxed out, it may be time to think about bankruptcy and speaking to an attorney that works in bankruptcy law in Delray Beach. Sometimes bankruptcy is the answer to our debt problems. While this doesn’t mean pressing reset to get back into debt, it does mean getting a fresh start. Maxed-out credit cards not only ruin your credit but can cost you tons of money in interest fees. This situation is even more so the case if you have maxed out multiple credit cards.


You’re Always Stressed Out About Money

Everyone gets stressed out about money from time to time. Whether it’s because we have an expense to pay or went a little over our monthly budget, it happens. But money struggles are usually temporary and serve as a learning lesson. However, being stressed about money 24/7 is problematic. Money problems should not seem to haunt you or make everyday life hard for you. If this is your case, filing for bankruptcy may be a good option for you. Consider speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer soon if this sounds like something you are dealing with.


We Can Help!

Do any of these signs point to you and your situation? If so, you may be able to benefit from bankruptcy and an attorney with expertise in bankruptcy law in Delray Beach. To learn more about bankruptcy, click here (  we have all the information you need on our website. Or, you can call our team today at (561) 272-1003. We look forward to helping you!

The Truth About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What Is Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is defined as Protection from creditors granted to individuals or companies who legally file for bankruptcy, providing for liquidation of certain assets to pay debts.

A bank trustee is assigned and is tasked with gathering and selling your nonexempt assets. They then take the proceeds to pay off your debtors. There is no payment plan, this is a complete liquidation of your assets followed by immediate payment of debts.

Filing for Chapter 7 is for people who cannot afford to pay the minimum payments on their debts. If your income is lower than the median average in Florida, you probably will qualify for Chapter 7. 

John E Mufson is the best bankruptcy attorney in South Florida. He will listen to you carefully and address any concerns. We want to make sure that filing for Chapter 7 is the right choice for you.


What Are The Benefits Of Chapter 7?

Making the decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a serious choice. Your financial future can hang in the balance. Some benefits can outweigh the negative effects of filing. Below is a list of some benefits to filing for Chapter 7.

  • Most credit card debt is discharged.
  • Most medical bills are also discharged.
  • You get to keep your future income.
  • The process is quick, usually only taking 3-6 months.
  • You will qualify for new credit faster than most other bankruptcy alternatives.
  • You will get a fresh start and be free from most personal liabilities.
  • There is no limit to the amount of debt you have.
  • You will receive credit counseling to help you develop a better financial portfolio.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful tool in debt relief. It is a personal decision you should consider in-depth. John E. Mufson is an expert bankruptcy attorney and here to discuss the pros and cons of chapter 7 bankruptcy. We have three locations in South Florida to serve you anytime.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Filing For Chapter 7?

If you have had the chance to speak to a bankruptcy attorney, you may have decided that Chapter 7 is the right choice. The consequences should not be as greater than the benefits we listed above. Take the opportunity now to review what the negative aspects are for filing Chapter 7.


  • You will need to rebuild your credit
  • A chapter 7 bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years.
  • It can take up to 2 years before you see your credit score start to rise
  • There are some medical and credit card debts that are not excused from debt.
  • You will need to give up any personal luxury items to pay your debtors.
  • You can only file for Chapter 7 once every 8 years.
  • It will not remove any liens on your car or home.
  • You could lose your car or home to pay off existing debts.
  • Your chapter 7 bankruptcy will be a matter of public record.


How Do I Decide On A Bankruptcy Attorney?

It can be a very complicated decision about deciding whether or not to file for Chapter 7. You should discuss if Chapter 7 is right for you with an expert on the subject. The process can be complicated if you try it yourself and making the wrong decision can be costly. 


John E. Mufson is a member of the Florida Bar, United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. He has over 25 years of experience providing Palm Beach County residents the best in legal advice.


Mufson Law Can Help!

John had filed over 2,000 bankruptcy cases in Florida. He is also a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. He is an expert in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy codes. If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, you have found him. We have offices in Coconut Creek, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach. Visit our site or call us at (561) 272-1003 day or night to arrange a free consultation.

The Keys for Locating the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Delray Beach

Just imagine going to the hospital for surgery and you face issues after it from mistakes made by your doctor. They claim that everything was perfect, but you do your research and find out that these are significant errors impacting your health. You suffer from these issues for the rest of your life and need continuing care from the mistakes. 

Unfortunately, these situations are common in Florida, with it having the fifth-highest number of incidents of medical malpractice in the country. When this happens to you, it is critical to find a medical malpractice lawyer in Delray Beach that holds the doctors, staff, and facility responsible. Locating the right one is challenging, as not all attorneys are the same and can get you varying results. There are several methods you can use to find the best malpractice lawyer that fights for you and gets you what you deserve. Keep reading to learn more!


There are two types of medical malpractice lawyers including plaintiff and institution professionals, with each one playing a different role. Plaintiff attorneys represent the people who are injured because of medical malpractice and represent the victims. Institutional lawyers protect the interests of doctors, staff, hospitals, healthcare systems, and insurance companies. You want to go with someone who focuses on the plaintiffs and their cases. They know how to argue these claims and the techniques to effectively get a successful outcome. These lawyers want justice and understand the tactics to use to show how the law applies with the compensation. 

Under the law, several cases qualify as medical malpractice, including prescription, surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis, childbirth, and hospital injuries. You can ask for compensatory, punitive, and non-economic damages as a part of any malpractice claim. 

Compensatory damages are for any lost wages, expenses, and medical bills from the incident. Punitive awards are for things like gross negligence where the healthcare staff and facility failed to monitor your situation. Noneconomic damages are from the pain and suffering you experience due to the accident and its effects. You have two years to file your lawsuit after discovering what happened and four years from when the events took place. A plaintiff attorney understands these aspects of the law and they help to ensure you are following all of the guidelines. They know the different kinds of damages and how they apply to your case. Those who work for doctors and insurance companies are more sympathetic to them and won’t focus on these areas as much.


You want to select a malpractice attorney with experience in medical malpractice cases that knows the law, practices, and standards. They must have familiarity with the field of medicine, malpractice cases, taking them to trial, settlements, and a history of winning. One approach is to look at their reviews, check out their website, read about them, and look for any blog articles or input from the attorney that gives you some detail about their knowledge. 

These areas will tell you if they are experienced, understand medical malpractice laws, and how they can help you. 

Success Rates

Those medical malpractice lawyers who are skillful at what they do, have no problem talking about what their past clients have received. You can check out review sites like Google and Yelp or you can dig a little deeper and search in other places.

We Can Help!

Finding the best medical malpractice lawyer in Delray Beach is challenging and requires understanding more about them. These tips will help you to locate one that is right for you and will stand up to the doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. The key is acting as soon as possible so they can fight for you and help you to move on from it. If your or someone you know is in need of a malpractice attorney in South Florida, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team here at Mufson Law!

3 Things You Must Know About Personal Injury Lawyers in Delray Beach

A personal injury is any kind of harm that comes to you on someone else’s property, driving down the road, or negligence. It results in you going to the hospital and losing time off work from the injuries. Personal Injury cases worsen when there are recurring costs such as physical therapy and lingering pain. 

In these cases, the best way to get what you are owed is using personal injury lawyers in Delray Beach that will stand up for you. Not all are the same and the outcomes depend on who you select for representation. There are four tactics you can use to find the right attorney that will assist you every step along the way to receive the maximum amount possible.

These attorneys will ultimately help everyone decide if you are adequately compensated.

Watch out for Solicitations

There are aggressive lawyers out there who will send you solicitations in the mail, offering to represent you after an accident. They hire people (called runners) to go through police reports to obtain information about accidents and injuries. The runners will research to find your name, address, phone number, and send you a letter. It says that they heard about your injury and the firm will take on your case.

Sometimes, you will get several letters and phone calls from the attorney to see if you received them. The idea is to solicit your business by securing a part of the final compensation. These lawyers should be avoided, as they know nothing about the case and only contacted you because they saw you as a case and not a person. 

Free Consultations 

When you seek out personal injury lawyers in Delray Beach, FL, you want to use those that offer a free consultation. They will visit your home or go to the hospital to discuss your case and how they can help you. The way these attorneys make their money is off of a percentage of the settlement you receive. There are no out-of-pocket expenses and they can assist you in holding the other party accountable. The benefit of these types of lawyers is nothing is paid upfront and they will work not only for you but for themselves to ensure they are paid also. By offering a free consultation an attorney is making sure your case is one that can be won.

Experience and Specialization

You want to find a personal injury lawyer who has experience working with these kinds of cases. It means someone who has tried lots of these cases before and knows what to do to get a successful outcome. Their experience helps you place more pressure on the other party and push them for a favorable settlement. 

There are lots of lawyers who claim that they specialize in personal injury but don’t spend lots of time trying these cases. They seek out a settlement offer and encourage their clients to accept it so they can move on to the next one. You want to find someone who is willing to go to trial and has the experience if you do. Ask if they tried these kinds of cases and how many years of experience they have. Their specialization in all aspects of personal injury law makes them a valuable asset to help you get a favorable outcome. 


We Can Help!

Finding personal injury lawyers in Delray Beach, FL is challenging and requires using specific methods. The 3 methods we listed above will help you locate someone who can get you the highest awards possible. They make things easier and allow you to move on with your life after the injury. 

Once you’re ready to get started with your personal injury claim in Delray Beach, FL, feel free to reach out to our injury attorneys here: ! We look forward to helping you!

3 Ways to Make Injury Claims in Delray Beach Faster

Just imagine driving down the freeway and another driver is racing up behind you and hits your car. An ambulance arrives, they rush you to the hospital, and you survive the accident after a month in intensive care. You go home to find that the injuries are much worse; there is lost income and medical bills. You have to go to physical therapy at least three times a week and your insurance will cover only so much. 

These situations are not uncommon, with injuries accounting for 47% of all Florida accidents last year. Recovering from them is difficult and it requires knowing your rights to get the proper results when filing injury claims in Delray Beach. There are three things you can do to reduce the red tape and make things easier in getting what you deserve. Keep reading to learn more about them!


Gather all Documentation

After an accident, don’t throw anything away and gather all documentation surrounding the event and what happened. These include things like insurance documents, the police report, lost wages, medical bills, and any other financial loss from the accident. 

Any visits with the doctor should discuss where you are hurting and if something has been wrong since the accident.

All of the information you collect builds your case and shows the total loss from the accident. 


Get off Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to stay connected with friends and family, but it can also be used against you by the opposition after an accident. What you say and do is being monitored, and their insurance company’s job is to show that the injuries are not that bad so anything you do can be sued to depict that message. 

You must never discuss your case, how you feel, or what you think of the other side. All of this information will be used against you. The best approach is to stay away from social media until the case is settled. Too many people with injuries have received less money after an accident from actively using their social media accounts and posting the wrong images and captions. 

The other side is watching and they are going to your profile to collect information to use against you.  The less information and photos posted, the stronger your case is in showing the extent of the damages. 


Figure out a Settlement

Before you talk with anyone from the insurance company, you must figure out the total damages from the accident. These include medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, punitive, and damage to your vehicle. The amount should be what you feel is the proper level of compensation to make up for the damages you suffered. The figure represents a good starting point and it helps you understand the type of award needed to ease the financial and emotional burdens.

Once you have a figure, don’t settle too quickly, as it could make things more difficult financially in the future. We all know you have expenses and need to get the case resolved as soon as possible. But, settling too early can lead to less money and not being compensated for the full amount of your injuries. 

Dealing with the insurance company to get a successful resolution can sometimes take a year, but it can also go a lot quicker.

It is longer if you require multiple surgeries and must go through an extended physical therapy period. Insurance companies try to lowball their claims to see if you will jump at the first number they throw out. Knowing the minimum, what you will settle for, and not accepting their initial offer ensures that you are covered for past and future issues from the accident.  

We Can Help!

The process for injury claims in Delray Beach is a long and complicated process that requires patience and foresight. These three tips ensure things are more manageable and avoid the mistakes most people make after an accident. They help you get what you deserve and streamline the tactics you are using to hold the other side accountable. If you or someone you know is dealing with an injury claim in Delray Beach, FL, or surrounding areas, give the team here at Mufon Law a call!