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    Reaffirmation Agreements

    Keep Your Car, Truck Or Motorcycle

    If you are filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and you have bought a car on credit that you wish to keep, you need a reaffirmation agreement. This agreement reinstates the loan and allows you to retain your ownership interest in the vehicle.

    At The Law Offices of John E. Mufson, we regularly help clients obtain reaffirmation agreements for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other items purchased on credit. We also provide guidance on the advisability of getting reaffirmation agreements.

    Contact us today about a reaffirmation agreement or other matter arising from bankruptcy.

    Wellington Bankruptcy Law Attorney Serving South Florida

    Most lenders welcome reaffirmation agreements, because it spares them the expense and hassle of repossessing vehicles and other items purchased on credit. However, there are several important considerations when it comes to reaffirmation agreements:

    A reaffirmation agreement must be negotiated during the bankruptcy process — In your initial consultation or subsequently, attorney John Mufson will address the reaffirmation agreement question. If such an agreement is right for you, he will obtain a draft agreement from the lender and review it.

    You must have sufficient income to cover your payments — If you feel that your job is secure and you have adequate income, then a reaffirmation agreement may be right for you. John Mufson will review your situation and provide you with straightforward advice.

    Lenders insist on numerous provisions — John Mufson will carefully review the provisions in the proposed reaffirmation agreement to make sure that your interests are protected.

    For more information about debt reaffirmation agreements and other aspects of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, call The Law Offices of John E. Mufson.

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