3 Ways to Make Injury Claims in Delray Beach Faster

Just imagine driving down the freeway and another driver is racing up behind you and hits your car. An ambulance arrives, they rush you to the hospital, and you survive the accident after a month in intensive care. You go home to find that the injuries are much worse; there is lost income and medical bills. You have to go to physical therapy at least three times a week and your insurance will cover only so much. 

These situations are not uncommon, with injuries accounting for 47% of all Florida accidents last year. Recovering from them is difficult and it requires knowing your rights to get the proper results when filing injury claims in Delray Beach. There are three things you can do to reduce the red tape and make things easier in getting what you deserve. Keep reading to learn more about them!


Gather all Documentation

After an accident, don’t throw anything away and gather all documentation surrounding the event and what happened. These include things like insurance documents, the police report, lost wages, medical bills, and any other financial loss from the accident. 

Any visits with the doctor should discuss where you are hurting and if something has been wrong since the accident.

All of the information you collect builds your case and shows the total loss from the accident. 


Get off Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to stay connected with friends and family, but it can also be used against you by the opposition after an accident. What you say and do is being monitored, and their insurance company’s job is to show that the injuries are not that bad so anything you do can be sued to depict that message. 

You must never discuss your case, how you feel, or what you think of the other side. All of this information will be used against you. The best approach is to stay away from social media until the case is settled. Too many people with injuries have received less money after an accident from actively using their social media accounts and posting the wrong images and captions. 

The other side is watching and they are going to your profile to collect information to use against you.  The less information and photos posted, the stronger your case is in showing the extent of the damages. 


Figure out a Settlement

Before you talk with anyone from the insurance company, you must figure out the total damages from the accident. These include medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, punitive, and damage to your vehicle. The amount should be what you feel is the proper level of compensation to make up for the damages you suffered. The figure represents a good starting point and it helps you understand the type of award needed to ease the financial and emotional burdens.

Once you have a figure, don’t settle too quickly, as it could make things more difficult financially in the future. We all know you have expenses and need to get the case resolved as soon as possible. But, settling too early can lead to less money and not being compensated for the full amount of your injuries. 

Dealing with the insurance company to get a successful resolution can sometimes take a year, but it can also go a lot quicker.

It is longer if you require multiple surgeries and must go through an extended physical therapy period. Insurance companies try to lowball their claims to see if you will jump at the first number they throw out. Knowing the minimum, what you will settle for, and not accepting their initial offer ensures that you are covered for past and future issues from the accident.  

We Can Help!

The process for injury claims in Delray Beach is a long and complicated process that requires patience and foresight. These three tips ensure things are more manageable and avoid the mistakes most people make after an accident. They help you get what you deserve and streamline the tactics you are using to hold the other side accountable. If you or someone you know is dealing with an injury claim in Delray Beach, FL, or surrounding areas, give the team here at Mufon Law a call!